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Order a quality custom-built J-D-R rotary phase converter
to run three-phase equipment on existing 220V single-phase power.
All rotary phase converters are available in regular and heavy duty.

24-month warranty on all new rotary phase converters.

12-month warranty on remanufactured rotary phase converters.

We also make CNC converters! (Please contact us for more information.)

Refer to Model# below when ordering. Guaranteed low price!
If you're not sure what size you need, just contact us
and we'll help you choose the right one for your needs.

MODEL# Guaranteed
 low price!

3 HP

6 HP

J-D-R 3-6-005

5 HP 10 HP J-D-R 5-10-005 Call!
7.5 HP 15 HP J-D-R 7.5-15-005 Call!
10 HP 20 HP J-D-R 10-20-005 Call!
15 HP 30 HP J-D-R 15-30-005 Call!
20 HP 40 HP J-D-R 20-40-005 Call!
25 HP  50 HP J-D-R 25-50-005 Call!
30 HP 60 HP J-D-R 30-60-005 Call!
40 HP 80 HP J-D-R 40-80-005 Call!
50 HP 100 HP J-D-R 50-100-005 Call!

Larger Sizes & CNC Converters Available Upon Request!

*MAXIMUM START LOAD = The largest motor load the converter will start. For example, the largest motor a J-D-R 15-30-005 will start is a 15 HP motor.

= The maximum motor load the converter will run. For example, a J-D-R 15-30-005 will start a 15 HP motor, but can run a total of 30 HP. Therefore, you can run a 5 HP motor + a 15 HP motor + a 10 HP motor (total of 30 HP), or you can run three 10 HP motors (total of 30 HP) and so on. (NOTE: Always start the largest motor first.)

To see more examples of our workmanship or different models of rotary phase converters:
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All J-D-R Rotary Phase Converters carry a warranty!

Take a peek inside the control box!


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